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n.1.One of the small chips or slices into which beets are cut in sugar making.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lavoie, Pepin and Cossette (2015) say learners make sense of the situation by reflecting on what happened during the simulation.
Power Survey International, a provider of customised power factor correction and harmonic filtering technologies and solutions, has named Christian Cossette as its vice president of Sales and Marketing.
He also serves on the Advisory Committee of Cossette, the Standing Committee on Quebec Affairs of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association and the Advisory Committee of the school for executive education Ecole des dirigeants HEC Montreal.
Director Cefin Roberts held final auditions with seven youngsters for the role of Young Cossette in the production to be staged in Cardiff at the end of October.
"The Canadian Navy wants an off-the-shelf solution, something mature," Julien Cossette, project leader for weapon systems and vehicles for Rheinmetall Canada, told Esprit de Corps.
For Cossette and Daignault, social advertising can be summarized as "a form of persuasive communication that aims to change attitudes and behaviors that are deemed prejudiced for the individual and the society" (Cossette and Daignault, 2011, 67) in which he/she develops, for the purpose of a collective wellbeing.
ex., methodes d'enseignement innovatrices, clarte des regles de classe), qu'ils considerent comme l'un des meilleurs predicteurs du decrochage scolaire (Cossette, Potvin, Marcotte, Fortin, Royer, & Leclerc, 2004), alors que d'autres envisagent le climat scolaire dans sa globalite, incluant le climat de classe dans une vision englobante du climat general de l'ecole (Debarbieux et al., 2012; Galand, Hospel, & Baudoin, 2012).
Clyde Cossette joins UIC Design, Plan, Build as Health, Safety, Environment, and Training Manager.
Though his involvement in the Grammys doesn't go all the way back to when Pierre Cossette acquired the rights and put together the first live broadcast in 1971, Ehrlich has been witness to the growth of the show in both duration and scope.
FinTRAC Director Gerald Cossette said that his agency was a "key component" in the investigation conducted by the RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
Allison and Cossette (2007) propose strategies to engage girls in STEM which include creating a positive environment; building self-confidence; offering hands-on workshops; creating cooperative groups; applying practical applications of what they are learning; and offering role models, family support, and mentoring.