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Noun1.cost overrun - excess of cost over budget; "the cost overrun necessitated an additional allocation of funds in the budget"
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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In case of non-consumption of RLNG, the plants were supposed to make 'take or pay' payments, but this was not implemented under orders from the PM Office to avoid a Nandipur like cost escalation situation.
He said that this would also cause cost escalation and delay in completion of the project.
The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has approved the proposal of the Ministry of Home Affairs for extension of time period of the Scheme "Special Industry Initiative for J&K" (Sll J&K)- Udaan till 31st December, 2018 without any modification and cost escalation.
Prime Minister directed to control the cost escalation in these projects without compromising quality of work.
While expressing serious concerns over cost overrun of various power generation projects, Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power has sought a detailed briefing from the government on cost escalation of Nandipur power plant, source said to Research Analyst-PAGE.
This alerts the management to be on guard for cost escalation and look proactively at inflation prone areas.
He examines flaws in the academic business model that need correcting, addresses teaching effectiveness, the problem of cost escalation and how to contain it.
The report also states cost escalation in Honolulu in the 2nd Quarter hit 2.
As the scope is still being assessed,it is difficult to assess the cost escalation at this stage," he said.
The compensation offer was for cost escalation while building the Muscat Expressway.
Seeing future health care cost escalation as unsustainable, it was during McClellan's tenure as CMS administrator that he began an initiative to develop a pay-for-performance system to incentivize quality patient outcomes.
The Oman Society of Contractors has urged the government to reimburse the cost escalation of ongoing projects following a raise in minimum wage for Omani workers, said a report.

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