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Noun1.cost overrun - excess of cost over budget; "the cost overrun necessitated an additional allocation of funds in the budget"
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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ISLAMABAD -- Senate Standing Committee on Planning Development and Reforms on Tuesday expressed its concerns over the unnecessary delay in completion of Nai Gaaj Dam Projects and cost escalation from Rs16 billion to Rs 46 billion.
Despite the fact that the equipment had arrived at the port a major cost escalation took place taking the final tally to over $500 million.
Luckily for the bottom line, operating cost escalation is slowing down, too.
The flyover is one of the slowest ever constructed, with the project spanning two decades and witnessing a cost escalation of around Rs6 billion (Dh313 million).
'Twenty-four per cent of businesses indicated that they are concerned VAT will lead to a cost escalation as a result of suppliers increasing their prices.
The cancellation of the contract also delayed the project, resulting in cost escalation of billions of rupees.
The cancellation of the contract had also delayed the project, resulting in a cost escalation of billions of rupees.
The rapid timing of this cost escalation, as well as the magnitude, are particularly disappointing, given that the co-owners last budget was developed during summer 2017 and ostensibly reflected in-depth analysis and review.
He apprehended that the delay of schemes would cause cost escalation and therefore the gas wells should be operationalized which is the need of the province.
It was the consensus among the meeting participants that some troublemakers, have not only obstructed the city development but also caused delay which resulted in cost escalation and bringing miseries for the affected families of old Balakot city.
Meanwhile, cost escalation has been keeping pace with prices thanks to upward pressure from driver wages.

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