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n.1.Participation of the same nature; coexistence in the same substance.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The skin of your body may be seen as its boundary, but is cosubstantial with (belongs to) your body.
James is the other protagonist in the story, a true artist, the Eiron archetype and a true Prospero acting in the novel both as Charles' cosubstantial cousin, whom in the beginning the latter rejects in an Oedipus complex (having too much loved his mother he also refused staying with any woman in a proper relationship), and as a Buddhism practitioner who rescues Charles in the end.
In this historical context, finance emerges as a cosubstantial element in the production of all commodities and as an invasive process in almost every aspect of social and economic life.
Since ritual is cosubstantial with myth--the "formal and dramatic" presentation of myth in "its immediate punctual aspect" (Gaster 113-114)--a reader might expect to see the Christian myth "told" through the performance of Christian ritual, a variant of storytelling that draws on yet additional magical--or, more precisely, mysterious--power.
What makes his poetry so singular is that the word and the thing become cosubstantial; any operation at the level of language produces a new perception of the materiality of the object, and, conversely, any action performed on the object generates a new linguistic form.
Drawing on Kenneth Burke's discussion of "dying dialectically," in which "`a man can "substantially" slay himself through the sacrifice of another who is cosubstantial with him'" (163), Diehl further relates iconoclastic abuse of images to male protagonists' self-mutilation through the symbolic, as well as literal, murder of the women they love.
Here, in this text that clearly represents Cortazar's most cogent metacommentary on the art of the short story, the story itself gradually develops before our eyes and is, to an important degree, cosubstantial with the snapshot taken by Michel on the Isle Saint-Louis.