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cote 1

A small shed or shelter for sheep or birds.

[Middle English, from Old English.]

cote 2

tr.v. cot·ed, cot·ing, cotes Obsolete
To go around by the side of; skirt.

[Probably from French côtoyer, to skirt, from côté, side, from Old French coste, rib; see costrel.]


(kəʊt) or


1. (Agriculture)
a. a small shelter for pigeons, sheep, etc
b. (in combination): dovecote.
2. (Architecture) dialect chiefly Brit a small cottage
[Old English cote; related to Low German Kote; see cot2]


(tr) archaic to pass by, outstrip, or surpass
[C16: perhaps from Old French costoier to run alongside, from coste side; see coast]



1. a coop or shed for sheep, pigs, pigeons, etc.
2. Brit. Dial. cottage.
[before 1050; Middle English, Old English cote (feminine; compare cot2)]



v.t. Obs.
to pass by.
[1565–75; orig. uncertain]


Past participle: coted
Gerund: coting

I cote
you cote
he/she/it cotes
we cote
you cote
they cote
I coted
you coted
he/she/it coted
we coted
you coted
they coted
Present Continuous
I am coting
you are coting
he/she/it is coting
we are coting
you are coting
they are coting
Present Perfect
I have coted
you have coted
he/she/it has coted
we have coted
you have coted
they have coted
Past Continuous
I was coting
you were coting
he/she/it was coting
we were coting
you were coting
they were coting
Past Perfect
I had coted
you had coted
he/she/it had coted
we had coted
you had coted
they had coted
I will cote
you will cote
he/she/it will cote
we will cote
you will cote
they will cote
Future Perfect
I will have coted
you will have coted
he/she/it will have coted
we will have coted
you will have coted
they will have coted
Future Continuous
I will be coting
you will be coting
he/she/it will be coting
we will be coting
you will be coting
they will be coting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been coting
you have been coting
he/she/it has been coting
we have been coting
you have been coting
they have been coting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been coting
you will have been coting
he/she/it will have been coting
we will have been coting
you will have been coting
they will have been coting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been coting
you had been coting
he/she/it had been coting
we had been coting
you had been coting
they had been coting
I would cote
you would cote
he/she/it would cote
we would cote
you would cote
they would cote
Past Conditional
I would have coted
you would have coted
he/she/it would have coted
we would have coted
you would have coted
they would have coted
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Noun1.cote - a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons)cote - a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons)
shelter - protective covering that provides protection from the weather


n (= dovecote)Taubenschlag m; (= sheepcote)Schafstall m
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