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| THE price includes two nights at Hotel Patio Andaluz in Quito and an overnight stay at Hacienda Pinsaqui in Otavalo, as well as two nights at the Napo Wildlife Centre in the Amazon rainforest, two nights in the Cotapaxi National Park, two nights in Cuenca and a night in Ecuador's second city, Guayaquil.
To him, climbing Cotapaxi was like a stroll up Roseberry Topping.
Further into the mountains, where the air was so thin it was hard to breathe, I caught a tantalising glimpse of the snow-capped Cotapaxi. As a poetry-loving child, I read a poem called Romance by WJ Turner with the lines: "Chimborazo, Cotopaxi had stolen me away." They were just nonsense words to me then but they captured my young imagination.