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Noun1.Cotinus - smoke treesCotinus - smoke trees        
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Anacardiaceae, family Anacardiaceae, sumac family - the cashew family; trees and shrubs and vines having resinous (sometimes poisonous) juice; includes cashew and mango and pistachio and poison ivy and sumac
smoke bush, smoke tree - any of several shrubs or shrubby trees of the genus Cotinus
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Alternatively try 'Think Purple' and combine the 90-120cm tall Allium giganteum with purple-leaved shrubs such as the smoke bush Cotinus coggygria or the elderberry Sambucus Black Lace, along with bold drifts of tulip Queen of Night.
regalis feeding on the foliage of the American smoketree, Cotinus obovatus Raf.
For a real blast of colour try Callicarpa Bodinieri "profusion", it has an RHS award of garden merit, at 2m in height this shrub is easy to grow in sun has lilac flowers in summer followed by vivid violet berries, not to everyone's taste but looks great at this time of year with Cornus Alba Siberica and Cotinus Coggygria, the smoke bush.
Our cotinus coggygria glows red and the foliage of my favourite acer, A.
Our cotinus coggygria glows red as though lit by some internal light and the foliage of my favourite acer, A.
This will encourage the shrub to produce vigorous shoots that will carry flowers in summer such as buddleia davidii, deciduous ceanothus, perovskia, ceratostigma, cotinus, hardy fuchsia, lavatera and spiraea japonica.
8m tall, including Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple', Choisya ternata (Mexican orange blossom) and Trachelospermum jasminoides.
Our favorites include Cotinus 'Grace', Viburnum opulus 'Aureum', and Berberis 'Orange Rocket'--the award-winning barberry from the Sunset Western Garden Collection (sunset westerngardencoilection.
Lucifer'', a fairly tall variety growing to 120cm (4ft), which produces brilliant red flowers and looks wonderful grown alongside the purple-leaved smoke bush, Cotinus 'Royal Purple'', or against a backdrop of acidgreen evergreens.
Shrubs offering interest over two seasons are particularly useful, such as Mahonia x media, which has yellow winter flowers and architectural, evergreen foliage, and Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple', with purple leaves that turn red in autumn.