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1. A sheep of a breed distinguished by its long wool, originally developed in the Cotswold Hills.
2. The wool of this sheep.


(ˈkɒtsˌwəʊld; -wəld)
(Breeds) a breed of sheep with long wool that originated in the Cotswolds. It is believed to be one of the oldest breeds in the world


(ˈkɒts woʊld, -wəld)

one of an English breed of large sheep having long, coarse wool.
[1655–65; after the Cotswolds, where the breed originated]
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Noun1.Cotswold - sheep with long wool originating in the Cotswold HillsCotswold - sheep with long wool originating in the Cotswold Hills
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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From the Wrekin in the Welsh marches to the Cotswolds in the west or Butser in the south, there was no hill-top from which the peasant might not have seen the bright shimmer of arms, the toss and flutter of plume and of pensil.
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A Cotswold Casebook" is an anthology of twelve short stories by Rebecca Tope that are set in the rolling hills and villages of the Cotswolds and brimming with warmth and intrigue.
FANCY shopping in the vast range of independent bespoke Cotswold shops, a brisk walk on a sunny riverside frosty morning, cycling the Cotswold lanes, longer hikes with the pub dog Chester as your guide (or bring your own) or just plain rest and relaxation.
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