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n. pl. cot·tae (kŏt′ē) or cot·tas
A short surplice.

[Medieval Latin, of Germanic origin.]


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a short form of surplice
[C19: from Italian: tunic, from Medieval Latin; see coat]


(ˈkɒt ə, ˈkɔ tə)

n., pl. -tas.
a short surplice, sleeveless or with short sleeves, worn esp. by choristers.
[1840–50; < Medieval Latin, variant of cota kind of tunic. See coat]


n (Eccl) → Chorhemd nt
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Researcher Pascal Cotte said: "The results shatter many myths and alter our vision of Leonardo's masterpiece for ever.
40 CORAL CUP HANDICAP HURDLE 2m5f CH4 8 Aux Ptits Soins, 12 Activial, Quick Jack, 14 Unique De Cotte, 16 Alternatif, Arbre De Vie, Bears Affair, Calipto, Clondaw Warrior, Edeymi, Forthefunofit, Full Shift, 20 bar 3.
Chris Stringer and colleagues contributed several short but lively and effective videos to explain issues, methods and results, such as their work on La Cotte (Scott et al.
At a public hearing today, ICC Presiding Judge Bruno Cotte stressed that the crimes committed in Bogoro were committed with particular cruelty, resulted in numerous civilian victims, and that the scars of the fighting can still be seen today.
At the exhibition I learned of cave excavations on Jersey's La Cotte seashore where 200,000 Neanderthal tools and a neat stack of mammoth bones were found.
BETFRED EIDER - sponsors bet: 6-1 Sun Cloud, 7-1 Relax, 8-1 Royale Knight, Smoking Aces, 9-1 Tutchec, 10-1 Financial Climate, Our Island, Presented, 12-1 Samstown, Seven Woods, Swatow Typhoon, 16-1 Saffran De Cotte, Wood Yer, 20-1 Ballypatrick, Chavoy, Junior, Master Overseer, Tarquinius, The Friary, Wyck Hill, 25-1 Mister Philson, War On, 33-1 Mortimers Cross, Rapidolyte De Ladalka, 50 Boris The Blade.
The main challenge that we have today is that for many people in the world, this situation became 'normal'," Walter Cotte, the IFRC's under-secretary general, told AFP.
The discovery was made when the team undertook fieldwork to stabilise and investigate a portion of the La Cotte de St Brelade cave, on Jersey's south eastern coastline.
The discovery was made when the team undertook fieldwork to stabilize and investigate a portion of the La Cotte de St Brelade cave, on Jersey's Southeastern coastline.
IFRC Programme Services Under Secretary General Walter Cotte said the numbers of people fleeing Syria increased every day and the Red Cross Red Crescent was providing "vital healthcare" to thousands each day.
8220;We are thrilled to be in the company of such talented artisans, and with the opportunity to share a fabulous selection of our products with Oscars Nominees, Presenters and Press,” commented Kristin Fraser Cotte, CEO at The Grapeseed Company.
A fine artist, photographer, painter, and scenic artist, Cotte has painted textiles for haute couture houses since 1991, using brushes, dyes, and resins.