Cottian Alps

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Cot·ti·an Alps

A range of the Alps between northwest Italy and southeast France. It rises to 3,841 m (12,602 ft) at Mount Viso.

Cottian Alps

pl n
(Placename) a mountain range in SW Europe, between NW Italy and SE France: part of the Alps. Highest peak: Monte Viso, 3841 m (12 600 ft)

Cot′ti•an Alps′

(ˈkɒt i ən)
a mountain range in SW Europe, in France and Italy: a part of the Alps. Highest peak, 12,602 ft. (3841 m).
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The water comes from one of the highest natural springs in Europe - the Rocce Azzurre spring situated at the heart of the Monviso Mountain (3841 meters) in the Cottian Alps, Italy and is bottled at source at the foot of the mountain in a converted mill building.
As a result, the project will be able to produce technical guidance that could be applied in the Cottian Alps (Alpi Cozie) Natural Park (and other SCIs) in order to ensure sustainable and long-term management of the habitat.
The Po, Italy's longest river, flows more than 640km from the Cottian Alps to the Adriatic and is connected with Milan by a series of canals.