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Noun1.Cottidae - sculpins
fish family - any of various families of fish
Scorpaenoidea, suborder Scorpaenoidea - mail-cheeked fishes: scorpionfishes; gurnards
Cottus, genus Cottus - type genus of the Cottidae: sculpins
sculpin - any of numerous spiny large-headed usually scaleless scorpaenoid fishes with broad mouths
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2010a, 2010b) investigated the ossicles of the Cottidae, Cyclopteridae and Liparidae (Scorpaeniformes) and SEM imaged the taxonomically important tooth plates and gill raker tubercles of these fishes.
nigrum Rafinesque--Johnny Darter (N) Etheostoma spectabile (Agassiz)-- Orangethroat Darter (N) Percina caprodes (Rafinesque)--Logperch (N) Percina copelandi (Jordan)--Channel Darter (N) Percina evides (Jordan and Copeland)--Gilt Darter (N) Percina maculata (Girard)--Blackside Darter (N) Percina sciera (Swain)--Dusky Darter (I) Percina shumardi (Girard)--River Darter (N) Sciaenidae Aplodinotus grunniens Rafinesque--Freshwater Drum (N) Cottidae Cottus bairdii Girard--Mottled Sculpin (N) Cottus ricei (Nelson)--Spoonhead Sculpin (N) Gobiidae Neogobius melanostomus (Pallus)--Round Goby (E) Proterorhinus semilunaris (Heckel)--Tubenose Goby (E)
4 17 lance hexapterus Saffron cod Eleginus gracilis Unidentified Cottidae 2.
Prey family or group Prey species Gadidae Unidentified gadid species Walleye Pollock Clupeidae Herring (2) American Shad (Aloca sapidissima) Salmonidae Juvenile Chinook Salmon Juvenile salmon species Adult Chinook Salmon Adult salmon species Cottidae Pacific Staghorn Sculpin Ammodytidae Pacific Sand Lance (3) Embiotocidae Shiner Perch Rajidae Skate species Scorpaenidae Juvenile rockfish species Adult rockfish species Biomass reconstruction estimates for prey of breeding seals No.
Species of Rhabdochona Railliet, 1916 (Nematoda:Rhabdochonidae) are parasitic to fishes infect the intestine mostly of freshwater fishes belonging to the families: Bagridae, Balitoridae, Catostomidae, Cichlidae, Cottidae, Cyprinidae, Gobidae, Ictaluridae, Pimelodidae, Poeciliidae, Schilbeidae, Scianeidae, Siluridae, and to a lesser extent of Salmonidae (Baylis, 1928; Weller, 1938; Gustafson, 1949; Chequette, 1950; Akhmerov, 1965; Petter, 1987; Sood, 1988; Sanchez-Alverez et al.
Reproductive biology and early life history of fishes in the Ohio River drainage; Aphredoderidae through Cottidae, Moronidae, and Sciaenidae; v.
The final hosts of other species of Neophasis are fishes of the families Cottidae, Cyclopteridae, Zoarcidae, and Gadidae (Bray and Gibson, 1991), and a ll of the above-mentioned families of fishes are present in the Mingan Islands (Thomas and Himmelman, 1988).
1990); Cottidae (Goto 1993); Gasterosteidae (Kynard 1978, Goldschmidt and Bakker 1990); Percidae (Grant and Colgan 1983); and Pomacentridae (Schmale 1981, Thresher 1983).
N X 7 65 4 O X 2 57 16 Anoplopomatidae Anoplopoma fimbria O X 2 247 10 (Sablefish) HEXAGRAMMIDAE Hexagrammos N X 1 235 decagrammus (Kelp S X 1 220 Greenling) Ophiodon elongatus N X 9 146 167 (Lingcod) S X X 4 181 66 O X X 56 219 29 COTTIDAE Hemilepidotus O X X 5 130 15 spinosus (Brown Irish Lord) Hemilepidotus O X 2 113 16 hemilepidotus (Red Irish Lord) Leptocottus N X X X 169 663 28 armatus (Pacific S X X X 13 168 24 Staghorn Sculpin) O X 3 113 15 Chitonotus O X 3 98 59 pugetensis (Roughback Sculpin) Radulinus O X 5 113 15 asprellus (Slim Sculpin) AGONIDAE Chesnonia N X X X 72 138 24.
However, Slimy Sculpin are widely spread throughout the coldwater streams of New York and are one of three representatives of the Cottidae in the state (Craig and Wells, 1976; Smith, 1985).