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Then, before bed, soak a cotton pad with viola tricolor cream and dab it on to your whole face.
4 Using your fingertips and a clean, dry cotton pad, gently press around clogged pores to remove any surface debris.
For the eyes, soak a cotton pad in water, squeeze it until damp and apply a little lotion to the cotton pad, then remove the eye make-up in circular movements.
You simply soak a cotton pad and gently swipe it over your face, and you're done.'
This product technically isn't a toner, but the consistency is watery enough that it needs to be poured on a cotton pad first before applying on skin.
The desire to offer consumers the widest variety possible led Reassure to launch the Premium Cotton Pad products.
10 Stainless steel cabinet, pounds 29.95, Argos; cotton pad dispenser, pounds 11.50, The Holding Company.
VMI Holland BV, worldwide Dutch machinery supplier, develops solutions for cotton pad punching and packaging while its Product Handling Systems division (formerly EBM) is a market leader in high capacity cotton pad machinery; which converts cotton blanket into cotton pad stacks that are professionally bagged.
Falu has established its leading position in the last 45 years in both lines of business: cotton swab machines as well as cotton pad machines and has customers all over the world in more than 100 countries.
After cleaning and toning your skin, apply essence evenly all over your face and neck by using your hand or a cotton pad. Essence is a little creamier than toner and contains higher levels of active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin.
Smother on a thick layer for 10 mins, then wipe with a cotton pad (seems like a waste), or leave on overnight.