Cotula coronopifolia

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Noun1.Cotula coronopifolia - South African herb with golden-yellow globose flower heads; naturalized in moist areas along coast of California; cultivated as an ornamental
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
Cotula, genus Cotula - cosmopolitan herbs especially southern hemisphere; many used as ground covers
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Salt Angianthus, Coast Barb-grass * Parapholis incurva, Water-buttons * Cotula coronopifolia, Beaded Glass-wort and a Sand-spurrey Spergularia sp.
Important food sources included areas dominated by seeds from alkali bulrush Scirpus maritimus and brass buttons Cotula coronopifolia (George et al.
Otras asteraceas adventicias de presencia poco documentada en el pais son las especies europeas Cotula coronopifolia L.