Coturnix coturnix

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Noun1.Coturnix coturnix - the typical Old World quailCoturnix coturnix - the typical Old World quail    
Old World quail - small game bird with a rounded body and small tail
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En virtud de esta premisa, es obligatoria la busqueda de alternativas alimenticias para satisfacer las necesidades nutritivas de origen animal para los humanos; en este sentido la codorniz (Coturnix coturnix japonica) puede producir alimento economico para el consumo de la familia.
The most common specie of quail is Japanese quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japanica) which is used in commercial enterprises.
Grey Quail, (Coturnix coturnix), is a double passage migrant in Pakistan.
Virus replication in chickens (specific pathogen-free white leghorn broilers, Charles River SPAFAS), quail (Coturnix coturnix, B&D Game Farm), turkey (commercial breeding operation), mice (Balb/C, Jackson Laboratories), and outbred pigs (Midwest Research Swine) was measured after intranasal inoculation with virus-infected allantoic fluid containing [10.sup.6] [EID.sub.50] (egg infectious dose 50) of virus, as previously described (21).
This key piece of nature conservation legislation lists those birds which can be hunted, including the quail Coturnix Coturnix and turtle dove Streptopelia turtur, and regulates the periods during which they can be hunted and the hunting methods which should be used.
pinnata) on production performance in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica).
In this study, effects of essential oil mixture (MEO) [Thyme (Origanum vulgare): 50%; orange peel (Citrus sinensis): 25%; bay leaf (Laurus nobilis): 12.5%; eucalyptus (Eucalyptus camaldulensis): 12.5%] supplementa tion to basal diets on performance, carcass characteristics, some blood parameters and antioxidant parameters in Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix Japonica) exposed to low ambient temperature were investigated.