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n.1.(Hort.) A disease affecting grapes, esp. in California, manifested by the premature dropping of the fruit.
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Il ne restera, aprs la prestation, aucune trace de rayure, de coulure sur les murs de proximit ou sur les sols.
Coulure was reported in El Dorado Grenache, while the deep granitic soils of the Shenandoah Valley held average tonnage for Zinfandel and Primitivo.
Differences aside, the variations are still sufficiently similar as to be susceptible to the same diseases, and Moscatos repeatedly suffer from coulure, a disease that prevents the grapevine flowers from pollinating, as well as from other afflictions.
Rupestris du Lot' may cause indirect coulure as it grows grafted varieties vegetatively strong (Bahar et al.
Balancing the mud surface (about 7000 m), by filling coulure of sand (about 160 000 mA) with subsequent lowering of the water level (pumping of approx.
As we have seen this year, coulure results in reduced yields, but in many cases enables quality when other conditions are favorable.
Unseasonably cool temperatures in June slightly delayed and/or prolonged the flowering in most regions, yet fruit set was good and coulure (poor fruit set) was limited.
The yo-yo conditions of early June (30[degrees]C on 1st, 17[degrees]C on 4th, 31[degrees]C on 8th, 15[degrees]C on 10th) were certain to cause some coulure and millerandage on the later-flowering vines of the cooler soils, and there was little of each everywhere.
Muscat Ottonel is subject to coulure (poor fruit set) when weather at bloom is unfavorable.
There was some frost damage in May and flowering at the end of May was interrupted by eight days of cold, rainy weather, which caused some problems with coulure.
For example, in 1984 a lot of the Merlot was lost to coulure due to cold weather during flowering.
Traces que traversent les mages, parfois metamorphoses en simples coulures, etonnes de l'absence des [beaucoup moins que]bateaux magiques[beaucoup plus grand que] ou qu'equilibrent de grosses masses noires ou de multiples formes plus petites envahissant tout l'espace oE l'on voit parfois, dans des combine paintings melant le bois, le fil de fer argente et la laine ainsi que les cardes avec leurs traces qui en sont l'effet produit techniquement et non plus magiquement.