Council fire

the ceremonial fire kept burning while the Indians hold their councils.

See also: Council

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The tower has never, to appearance, had roofing of any sort; a fire was made in the centre of the space which it encloses, and originally the building was probably little more than a wall drawn as a sort of screen around the great council fire of the tribe.
So saying, he ordered about fifteen carottes of tobacco, and as many bags of corn, to be brought from the boat and laid in a heap near the council fire.
As the Indian agent of New York had a log dwelling at the foot of the lake, however, it is not impossible that the appellation grew out of the meetings that were held at his council fires; the war drove off the agent, in common with the other officers of the crown; and his rude dwelling was soon abandoned.
He was rescued by the Nakuru Municipal Council fire brigade.In 2015, a primary school teacher hired a boda boda from Nakuru town, paid the rider and, on reaching the crater, leapt to his death.
The Jwaneng Town Council Fire Department official Mr Kabelo
The ceremonies, rules, customs, regalia, songs, and dance were transferred to the Seven Council Fire (Sioux) Nations during the closing era of the Indian War period.
Saturday at a Camp Fire Wilani Grand Council fire ceremony at Cascade Middle School.
Five units of Louth County Council Fire and Rescue Service from Dundalk, Dunleer and Drogheda raced to the scene where it took them three hours to bring the flames under control.
Council Fire Native Cultural Centre organized the walk that started at their centre at Dundas and Parliament, wound through the city's downtown and ended at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel where the 40th Annual All Ontario Chiefs Assembly was being held.
About 150 smoke alarms have been fitted across Northumberland after Draeger Safety UK, which has a branch in Blyth, came forward to sponsor a county council fire service initiative.
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