Council of Vienne

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Noun1.Council of Vienne - the council in 1311-1313 that dealt with alleged crimes of the Knights Templar, planned a new crusade, and took on the reformation of the clergy
council - (Christianity) an assembly of theologians and bishops and other representatives of different churches or dioceses that is convened to regulate matters of discipline or doctrine
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Contract award notice: Terrestrial topographic surveys for road projects of the county council of vienne (france-poitiers: Topographical services)
Pope Clement V made Corpus Christi an obligatory feast for Roman Catholics in 1311 at the Council of Vienne.
This law was repeated by the Council of Vienne (1311-13) and the Council of Trent (1545-63).
The suppression of the Beguines, following the Council of Vienne [1311-1312], is just one of the most famous examples.
Similarly, a failure to address the affiliated push for church-wide reform "in head and members" that surfaced in 1245 at the First Council of Lyons and in 1311-12 at the Council of Vienne, gathered momentum during the anguished confusion of the Great Schism (the medieval church's greatest crisis), and, as Constantin Hubler and (more recently) Philip Stump have argued, eventuated in a significant body of reforming legislation at the Council of Constance (141418).

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