Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf

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Noun1.Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf - German theologian (1700-1760)
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4) Perhaps rivalled in its antiquity only by the Waldensians, this old Protestant institution, founded in 1457, with roots in the reform efforts of Jan Hus of Prague, became a worldwide mission-oriented church after its renewal under Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf in Herrnhut, Saxony.
All of the contributors mention Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf, the leader of the church in the late eighteenth century and the moving force behind many of the educational methods of the Moravians.
It lay dormant only a short time before it sprouted and bore fruit in Herrnhut, Saxony, where the Moravians emerged approximately fifty years later under the leadership of David Nitschmann (1696-1772) and Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-1760).