Counter indication

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Experts discuss the surgeries, counter indications and complications, and treatment options in a powerful survey highly recommended for any veterinary clinician's reference library.
Since we are not the primary caregiver we may not be aware of counter indications for use and our clients may assume that they don't have to tell their caregiver about what we've recommended since it isn't "medicine." (Remember--"natural" does not always equal "safe"--something our clients and students must know.) Thus, it is very important to know what alternative and complementary treatments our clients are using, wish to use, or might benefit from so they can get clear approval and directions from their primary caregiver.
" Fortunately, most of these medicines are based on prescription and patients are generally screened before being recommended drugs with counter indications. But there are non- drug interactions like intake of grapefruit which can also have detrimental effects on those taking statins," says Dr Gupta.

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