Counter pressure

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force or pressure that acts in a contrary direction to some other opposing pressure.
- Cowell.

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The outgoing government used the investment under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) not only to overcome the energy crisis and infrastructure-building but also to counter pressure from the US, which was growing with the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
He owes those skills to his father, who taught him how to counter pressure. "My dad used to tell me as a kid 'it's never a good time to panic' in such situations.
"While we assess that sanctions and exports have been effective and largely maintained, North Korea seeks to mitigate the effects of the US-led pressure campaign through diplomatic engagement, counter pressure against the sanction's regime, and direct sanctions evasion," he added.
The toes were held, to maintain the position of the foot, by applying counter pressure against the head of the talus, as the casts made of plaster material were applied.
While the impact of the ongoing PIB substitution is likely to dilute the benefits of an upward adjustment in interest rates, MCB's strategic focus on building its low cost current account base along with the keen urge to grow its advances should counter pressure on NIMs.
And, as they say, once they built it-a 50-can/min line featuring a counter pressure filler, a full-body sleeve labeler, and a shrink wrapper-the customers came.
A dual rocker limb pocket uses an integrated end cap and spacer unit, plus three counter pressure points, to align the limbs to the riser at this critical interface.
facility complete with counter pressure casting machines.
The introduction of a gas counter pressure (GCP) has been recently proved to improve the surface quality of molded parts.
The first group of patients underwent SICS by Phacosandwich technique, the second group by vectis with counter pressure technique, the third group by Phacofracture technique and the final group by Irrigating vectis technique.