Counter project

a project, scheme, or proposal brought forward in opposition to another, as in the negotiation of a treaty.

See also: Counter

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And within the scholarly communication chain, groups are looking at a number of alternative metrics, such as Pirus (a Counter project sponsored by JISC), Usage Factor (a UKSG project), and the Eigenfactor.
Most importantly, various board members from these institutions used local, national, and international meetings to evangelize about the COUNTER project. They also published their papers and/or slide shows on the Web to advise publishers, aggregators, and librarians about the progress.
In its counter projects, the US takes into consideration only a small portion of Russia's ideas, reducing the initiative to re-creating the JIM with all its shortcomings," it summed up.
The movement of lineups, such as the visits of the leaders of the Iraqi parliamentary blocs to Tehran and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's reception of the Lebanese Deputy Walid Jumblatt, hints that the coming storm will only consolidate the sharp sectarian and confessional division in the country, if we desired to keep away from the slogans of the "fierce attack" and the "imperial project" and the "Zionist project." These words could bear realistic and actual meanings, but they eventually reveal the problems of the counter projects.
Forum to generate ideas to counter projected budget cuts in education.