Counter statement

a statement made in opposition to, or denial of, another statement.
- Mahan.

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com/fifth-harmony-members-call-camila-cabello-out-instagram-group-claims-conversations-2463014) the remaining members replied to Cabello in a counter statement, revealing that there were never any sit downs with their former bandmate.
Thereafter, the applicant has to submit a written counter statement to the opposition within 60 days from the date of notification.
The champions released a counter statement in which they insisted they will not become involved in a "tit-for-tat spat" and although Lawwell re-emphasised this he also expanded on the club's stance.
Sakally said Baransu also filed an individual petition at the Constitutional Court 10 months ago and that the Justice Ministry had provided a defense statement concerning allegations made in Baransu's petition, following which he, as Baransu's lawyer, submitted a counter statement.
But Moreno said to the contrary, he had filed his counter statement to the complaint, stating that he had no part in the settlement agreement.
But the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ali al-Sadiq issued a counter statement today saying that UNAMID's account is devoid of facts and realities and "raises strong and legitimate questions about the intentions of the mission especially since it coincided with the arrangements relating to the preparation and implementation UNAMID exit strategy from Sudan".
If Facebook Ireland would refuse to submit a counter statement the court would be able to make a judgment in absence based on the lawsuit," the group said in a statement on their website.
The WRU later responded with a counter statement of their own.
However, the delegation in Geneva rejected the claims and in a counter statement, it cited particularly the report issued in February by the unit in charge of following up the implementation of the BICI recommendations.
In a counter statement, the Bahraini delegation cited particularly the report which was issued last February by the unit in charge of following up the implementation of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) recommendations.
The Insurance Information Institute, in response to Creamer's contentions regarding the $93 million "war chest," issued a counter statement.
In a counter statement, UGT said, 'UGT, CCOO and SEPLA have indicated to the address of Iberia our absolute rejection of the terms of the proposed plan, reiterating our demand to develop and negotiate a real viability plan and, to achieve them, we are willing to take whatever actions are union accurate.