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An example that refutes or disproves a hypothesis, proposition, or theorem.


an example or fact that is inconsistent with a hypothesis and may be used in argument against it


(ˈkaʊn tər ɪgˌzæm pəl, -ˌzɑm-)

an example that refutes an assertion or claim.
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Noun1.counterexample - refutation by example
disproof, falsification, refutation - any evidence that helps to establish the falsity of something


[ˈkaʊntərɪgˌzɑːmpl] Ncontraejemplo m
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Beta 2, due to the strengthened operator in front of its conditional argument, is vulnerable to fewer potential counterexamples than Beta.
He discusses specific arguments and their validity or strength, premises, and objections and counterexamples. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
According to a widespread view, Kant's claim that moral wrongness has its ground in a contradiction underlying every immoral action is a "bluff' rooted in "dogmatic moralism." Ever since Benjamin Constant's exchange with Kant, counterexamples have played a crucial role in showing why Kant's "universalization procedure" fails to determine the moral validity of our judgments.
Upon further reflection, however, there seem to be counterexamples to SD.
"When I would give speeches on this topic, somebody would always bring up outliers to this principle such as the cheetah as counterexamples. But this study shows that these 'outliers' are to be expected and, when looked at over their lifetimes, are not so different from their lumbering cousins after all." said Bejan.
Keywords: model checking, counterexamples, debugging
While some authors have raised concerns over the joint commitment view of shared intention, including at times offering purported counterexamples to certain aspects of the view, straightforward counterexamples to the view as a whole have yet to appear in the literature.
We must make our people aware of the critical issues confronting the nation, and become counterexamples against the unethical behavior that is becoming 'normal' for our society.
Formulating assumptions, finding counterexamples, showing the proof-what more in proving to other people that your relationship will be functional?
Like the simple theory of network effects, the "big data is bad" theory, which is often asserted in competition policy circles as well as the media, is falsified by not one, but many counterexamples. AOL, Friendster, MySpace, Orkut, Yahoo, and many other attention platforms had data on their many users.
To demonstrate this, I will first present two numerical counterexamples, and then I will explain in broad terms why Young is wrong to pit the Solow model against Garrison.
Just like those who levy a counterexample to an analytic definition, philosophers who present such cases would not accept that they, unlike perhaps other counterexamples, merely count as exceptions to the theory; for the presenters rather believe that these sorts of cases suffice to falsify the theory.