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n.1.A term or word which is the opposite of, or antithesis to, another; an antonym; - the opposite of synonym; as, "foe" is the counterterm of "friend".
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It's a whole aesthetic, the full counterterm to a kind of purifying idea of what art could be."
They can thus be straightforwardly combined with the counterterm contribution, [E.sub.CT][V],with coefficients fully determined in the perturbative sector of the theory.
As for Storr, he'll stake his claim with an about-face response to Hickey's pageant of beauty: by examining the idea of the grotesque--what he calls the "counterterm to artistic idealism"--as represented in contemporary practice.
The last term is determined by the operator [Q.sup.[alpha][beta].sub.a,m] (t) that contains the contribution of the Bogoliubov matrix to [H.sub.a] (t) and which is also present in the interaction theory where it generates a counterterm in the interacting Hamiltonian [14].
For generic mass renormalization one finds instead a leading factorial behaviour of [GAMMA](2n), and it is only through a cancellation of this leading order term between the unrenormalized EHL and its mass renormalization counterterm that this leading factorial behaviour gets reduced to the same [GAMMA](2n - 2) behaviour as at one loop.
This divergence cannot be canceled by any local counterterm in the original action.
The nonminimal coupling associated with the renormalization counterterm takes the following form:
We will present the suitable counterterm which removes the divergences of the action.
Using the counterterm method [95-98] and following the procedure of magnetic solutions papers [7, 8,29-49], one can find that the mass and angular momentum per unit length of the string can be written as
In this sense, we can omit the constant C in the Brown-York tensor (Note that C is the counterterm of the action and essential for the regularity of [T.sub.ij] as [u.sub.c] [right arrow] 0).
We show that such theories, unlike general relativity, fail to have the appropriate set of counterterms in the domain of applications of these theories, and so they fail to be consistent quantum effective field theories.
Using perturbation theory around a flat metric, the ultraviolet divergences require infinitely many counterterms. Quantum gravity has an uncertainty principle which prevents one from measuring positions to better accuracies than the Planck length [1] and nonvanishing commutation relation between the space-time coordinates is the model for these effects [2].