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(ˈbrɛk nəkˌʃɪər, -ʃər, -nɒk-)

a historic county in S Wales, now part of Powys, Gwent, and Mid Glamorgan.
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On March 2, 1954 a form of Petition was delivered to General Raikes, Her Majesty's Lieutenant for the County of Brecon, requesting that he approach Her Majesty the Queen, asking whether Her Majesty would graciously honour the Society by attending the Bi-Centenary Show in 1955.
Mr Powell paid special thanks to his ``native'' county of Brecon and Radnor and all the FUW staff, but said it was time for him to step down and let the next generation take over.
Sian Roberts-Davies, NFU policy adviser for South-East Wales, which includes the infected county of Brecon and Radnor, says that farmers are having their ability to earn a living taken away.