Coeur d'Alene

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Coeur d'A·lene

 (kôr′ də-lān′, kôrd′l-ān′, kûrd′-)
A city of northern Idaho on Coeur D'Alene Lake in the Panhandle east of Spokane, Washington. The city is the gateway to a popular resort area.
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Noun1.Coeur d'Alene - a member of an Amerindian people living in northern Idaho around Coeur d'Alene Lake
American Indian, Indian, Red Indian - a member of the race of people living in America when Europeans arrived
2.Coeur d'Alene - a town in the northern panhandle of IdahoCoeur d'Alene - a town in the northern panhandle of Idaho; popular resort area
Gem State, ID, Idaho - a state in the Rocky Mountains