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also Co·ran·tijn (kôr′ən-tīn′)
A river rising in southeast Guyana and flowing about 725 km (450 mi) to the Atlantic Ocean. It forms the Guyana-Suriname border in its lower course.


(Placename) a river in N South America, rising in S Guyana and flowing north to the Atlantic, forming the boundary between Guyana and Surinam. Length: 765 km (475 miles). Dutch name: Corantijn


(ˈkɔr ənˌtaɪn, ˈkoʊr-)

a river in N South America, flowing N along the Guyana-Suriname border to the Atlantic Ocean. ab. 450 mi. (725 km) long.
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In the west, it is bounded by the Pomeroon and Essequibo rivers, in the east by the Courantyne river and the North Savannah in the south.
In fact, the parnassim of the Ashkenazi community requested that Governor Jean Nepveu banish him because, they wrote, everyone in the colony was aware of "in what manner Noach, as well as his parents, have conducted themselves; in such a turbulent fashion that one heard daily nothing but their hitting, fighting, and brawling on public streets." Noach was subsequently exiled from the colony and ordered to live among the "free Indians in the region of the river Courantyne." The objectionable Jew was, in fact, evicted from the colony, though his appeal of his banishment eventually took him back to the Dutch Republic, instead of to live amongst the free Indians.
The Caribs inhabited the western part of the region, generally upstream from the Arawaks, east of the Courantyne and closer to the coast (Boomert 1984; Heinen & Garda-Castro 2000; Whitehead 1993).
Deacon was born in the Courantyne savannahs where he was exposed as an infant child and adopted by peasant farmers and rearers of cattle and horses.
When I saw her myself on visits to the Courantyne I fell head over heels in love with her.