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also Kur·land  (ko͝or′lənd)
A historical region and former duchy of southern Latvia between the Baltic Sea and the Western Dvina River. It passed to Russia in 1795 and was largely incorporated into Latvia in 1918.


(ˈkʊələnd) or


(Placename) a region of Latvia, between the Gulf of Riga and the Lithuanian border. Latvian name: Kurzeme


or Kur•land

(ˈkʊər lənd)

a former duchy on the Baltic: later, a province of Russia and, in 1918, incorporated into Latvia.
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Few buildings remain from the city's Golden Age as the capital of the Duchy of Courland between the 16th and 18th centuries and subsequently as the capital of the Russian Province of the same name.
Contractor address : Larkhall Park Depot, Larkhall Lane, Off Courland Grove
Peter was succeeded by his widow, Catherine I, who was followed by the grandson of the reformer, Peter II, whose successor was Anna, duchess of Courland, the niece of Peter I and daughter of Tsar Ivan, who was succeeded by the infant Ivan Antonovich, son of her niece Anna Leopoldovna of Brunswick, daughter of Catherine Ivanovna, duchess of Mecklenburg, sister of Anna Ioannovna.
The fight the north-western region of Courland was to become one of the bloodiest of the Second World War.
The ship graves in Courland were much closer to the Lulle graves, but they nevertheless produced considerably different (earlier) dates (ibid.
Earlier in July, Thurloe had notified the Dutch ambassadors that arrangements should go ahead to comprehend the Swiss cantons, Hanse cities, Oldenburg, Anhalt, Holstein, and Courland.
Tirpitz tried by various publicist ventures to remind the nation of past naval legacies, those of the Vikings and the Hansa, of the Welsers and Fuggers, of Jacob of Courland and the Great Elector.
In der Studie "The relationship between Salaca Livonian and Courland Livonian dialects" (S.
Tobago for PS789pp: Head to the Caribbean for this seven-night holiday in Tobago with Lowcostholidays including flights from Gatwick on September 10 and all-inclusive accommodation at the three-star Turtle Beach by Rex Resorts in Great Courland Bay.
4)Although nearly all Latvian registered agencies (89%) had offices only in the capital, Riga, we conducted one interview in the centre of the Courland province in western Latvia.
From the Middle Ages on, the Kingdom of Denmark was a major European military, naval and commercial power, controlling the Jutland peninsula, southern Sweden, Norway, much of northern Germany, Courland Estonia, Greenland, Iceland and established colonies and trading enclaves in the Caribbean, Africa and India.