Court of St. James

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the usual designation of the British Court; - so called from the old palace of St. James, which is used for the royal receptions, levees, and drawing-rooms.

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The reader cannot but call to mind the visit which the royal family and court of the Sandwich Islands was, in late years, induced to make to the court of St. James; and the serio- comic ceremonials and mock parade which attended that singular travesty of monarchal style.
His two years at the Court of St. James had been pleasant and uneventful enough.
They reflect handsome faces, simpering faces, youthful faces, faces of threescore and ten that will not submit to be old; the entire collection of faces that have come to pass a January week or two at Chesney Wold, and which the fashionable intelligence, a mighty hunter before the Lord, hunts with a keen scent, from their breaking cover at the Court of St. James's to their being run down to death.
The last time Boom Junction was in the news, the volcanic eruption was over a message to that aide who climbed to become an envoy at the Court of St. James. The text message, asking the man with all his height to author his own dismissal letter, was innovative in every sense of the word.
Bautista (the last of whom was formerly our ambassador to the Court of St. James).
This year, with an invitation from the Philippine Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Antonio Lagdameo, and his wife, Linda, I felt extra privileged to be at the Royal Ascot as it celebrated its 306th anniversary.
Trump said Johnson was "going to Saint James", in a reference to the official title of ambassador of the United States to the Court of St. James, according to ( multiple reports .
The outsize personalities that form the & Company part of his book include Joseph Kennedy, the combative US ambassador to the Court of St. James; military leaders Dwight D.
Now 88, she recalls her childhood in vivid detail--long summer days frolicking in the Hyannis Port surf, winter afternoons sledding near their spacious Bronxville, New York, estate, and her family's experiences in London when President Roosevelt appointed their father ambassador to the Court of St. James.
Prior to becoming director general and executive director of UNOV (the United Nations Office at Vienna)/UNODC, he served as ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Court of St. James' in London for five years.
They pressed further, asking if he got income from the Court of Rome, but he smartly replied, "Na, na, nor yet fae the Court of St. James."