Court of cassation

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the highest court of appeal in France, which has power to quash (Casser) or reverse the decisions of the inferior courts.

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Court of Cassation judge Shaikh Adnan bin Abdulla Al-Qattan and Jafferi Court of cassation Judge Shaikh Nasser Al-Asfoor will deliver two speeches on this occasion.
The Qatari Court of Cassation becomes more Arbitration friendly
CAIRO, May 20 (KUNA) -- The Egyptian Court of Cassation on Saturday upheld a previous ruling that designated as terrorists former president Mohammad Morsi and the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Group Mohammad Badi' as well as 24 senior members of the group.
The Court of Cassation has revoked a ruling by the Court of Appeal that dismissed a Dh932,000 labour lawsuit filed by a manager against his former workplace, based on an appeal presented by the Attorney-General.
The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation upheld a ruling by both the court of first instance and the appeal court that the company must return Dhs783,000 to the tourists after it was found guilty of failing to make the correct travel arrangements.
Summary: The Court of Cassation approved Thursday an indictment which calls for the death penalty against former Minister Michel Samaha, Syrian Maj.
In order to guard against abuse, the document stipulates that a five-member committee summoned by the Health Minister and Justice Minister review the euthanasia plea, with the decision appealable to the Supreme Court of Cassation.
Egypt's Court of Cassation - CC CAIRO - 15 January 2019: The court of cassation on Tuesday postponed to February 19 looking into complaints by defendants of Agnad Misr terrorist group against previous Giza court rulings.
10 : 56 AM - 07/05/2018 Manama, May 7 (BNA): Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa, stated that "following review of the proposal made by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), as referred by the Attorney General, to reconsider death sentences in the murder of a police officer and attempted murder of other police officers by a terrorist bombing, a decision was made to apply to the President of the Court of Cassation to reconsider the aforementioned sentences, subject to the privileges granted under the Court of Cassation Law allowing the Minister of Justice to request reconsideration of sentences under certain circumstances".
Dubai Court of Cassation clarifies the legal principles governing long-term lease agreements
Justice Khaled Salem, vice-chairman of Kuwait's Court of Cassation, told KUNA the delegation met with head of the justice academy Yilmaz Akcil and his deputy Mustafa Artuc, deputy chairman of the Court of Cassation Abdulhalik Yildiz and secretary general of the court Yasar Simsik.