Court of honor

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a court or tribunal to investigate and decide questions relating to points of honor; as a court of chivalry, or a military court to investigate acts or omissions which are unofficerlike or ungentlemanly in their nature.

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Vaux-le-Vicomte, when its magnificent gates, supported by caryatides, have been passed through, has the principal front of the main building opening upon a vast, so-called, court of honor, inclosed by deep ditches, bordered by a magnificent stone balustrade.
At the extremity of the courtyard, where, close to a portico formed of Ionic columns, were the dog kennels, rose an oblong building, the pavilion of the orangery, a half circle, inclosing the court of honor.
279 in Eugene, was honored June 17 at an Eagle Court of Honor.
Miss Brulay, longshot winner of the third leg of the Philippine Racing Commission Triple Crown series on July 12, beat Court of Honor, winner of the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown, to the wire in the 2,000-meter race.
Margosian of Grafton and Boy Scout Troop 7 was sworn in as an Eagle Scout during a Court of Honor Ceremony earlier this month.
Santa Clarita City Councilman Bob Kellar, left, joins Bill Barlow, Nate Sparks and Stephen Wirthlin at the National Eagle Scout Court of Honor held Saturday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sand Canyon.
assistant secretary of the interior for fish, wildlife and parks, signed the formal documentation declaring National Historic Landmark status for the academy's cadet area because of its unique resources, which include Arnold Hall, Harmon Hall, Fairchild Hall, Vandenberg Hall, the aerospace laboratory, planetarium, physical education building, cadet chapel, Terrazzo, court of honor and the parade grounds.
The Boy Scouts Court of Honor presented him with National Heroism Award in 1990 for saving a life.
To honor his memory, the Boy Scouts held its traditional Court of Honor ceremony for him.
140, will be honored June 13 at an Eagle Court of Honor in Cottage Grove.
Stephen Joseph Sisko, of Boy Scout Troop 121 at North American Martyrs Church, will be honored at an Eagle court of honor on Aug.

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