Court party

a party attached to the court.

See also: Court

References in classic literature ?
The national Church, instead of protesting, steadily identified itself more closely with the Court party, and its ruling officials, on the whole, grew more and more worldly and intolerant.
Not later than the end of the first decade of the century the dramatists as a class exhibit not only a decrease of originality in plot and characterization, but also a lowering of moral tone, which results largely from the closer identification of the drama with the Court party. There is a lack of seriousness of purpose, an increasing tendency to return, in more morbid spirit, to the sensationalism of the 1580's, and an anxious straining to attract and please the audiences by almost any means.
D'Artagnan, as he crossed the Pont Neuf, congratulated himself on having found Planchet again, for at that time an intelligent servant was essential to him; nor was he sorry that through Planchet and the situation which he held in Rue des Lombards, a connection with the bourgeoisie might be commenced, at that critical period when that class were preparing to make war with the court party. It was like having a spy in the enemy's camp.
Your position will be better than ever if you are forced later to dismiss a fool whom the court party impose upon you."
On August 8, a two-member bench of the IHC, comprising Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb, ordered Capt (r) Safdar's lawyer to make accountability court party to his petition.
ISLAMABAD -- The Sharif family on Friday pleaded the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to allow them to make the accountability court party to their petition challenging their conviction in Avenfield properties corruption reference.
The divisional bench after granting time had directed the defence lawyer to re-submit the plea making NAB and accountability court party in the case.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Four people, including two 15-year-old teenagers, were shot in a park in Jersey City, New Jersey, amid a large basketball court party.
Entering Sheffield, the court party was driven to the top of Leppings Lane via the A61.
Federer admitted he is relishing the chance to take on Murray and the chance of spoiling a Centre Court party appeals to the Swiss.
'Word to the wise.' The Great Lie by Myrrha Stanford-Smith The court party was preparing to leave the ship, and, never one to miss an opportunity, Will turned himself into their conductor, leaping and capering before them onto the dock, waving cheerfully to Nick as he went.
constitutional theory, brandishing ready-made slogans ("the Charter Revolution," "the oracular courtroom," "the Court Party"), and hinting at an elitist lawyerly conspiracy, they produced the Canadian academic version of a blockbuster.