Court rolls

the records of a court. SeeRoll.

See also: Court

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"If the Supreme Court rolls back abortion rights, states will have even more leeway to undermine abortion rights."
The most important weakness of the royal court rolls is that they show the world from the government's point of view, turning many historians who rely on them into the "king's friends." Barker tries to be evenhanded, but she nonetheless comes down repeatedly on the side of royal order.
A new AMHCA study shows that more than 2.5 million Americans who have a serious mental health condition in 34 states will become uninsured in 2016 if the Supreme Court rolls back tax-credit subsidies that currently make it affordable for those individuals to purchase coverage on federally run health insurance marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
The data discussed in the various articles does not come from censuses but rather from lists describing various population activities at the time: court rolls; reports of agricultural produce allowing changes in crop and livestock types and sizes to be observed; workers' salary levels, a rise in which points to lack of working hands; and produce planning affected by the understanding that risk taking must be reduced during crisis.
It seems scarcely credible that a busy clerk, who had no need to moonlight since not only was he paid 10 [pounds sterling] a year but was also able to collect fees for enrollments in the Hustings' and Mayor's Court Rolls as well as for writs drawn up for the assizes (8), would have the time to act as a literary copyist.
1450; and Erin McGibbon Smith offers yet another foray--in her case, using Sutton-in-the-Isle (Cambs.)--into what manorial court rolls might (or might not) reveal about anti-social behaviours after the plague.
And scores of lawsuits continue to appear on court rolls, in effect keeping some disputes waiting for final settlement and also paralysing some of the businesses involved.
The court rolls record that William Hill took up the Attlowes' old land, and paid an entry fine of pounds 2 for the privilege of doing so.
Adel Ramadan, a lawyer with the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, who was quoted in the report as a lawyer who represented some of the defendants before military courts, said that he based the number of sentenced civilians (5,000) on court rolls and case numbers recorded across Egypt between February 11 and mid-April.