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 (kôrt′rĭk′) also Cour·trai (ko͝or-trā′, ko͞or-)
A city of western Belgium west of Brussels. It was the most important cloth-manufacturing town of medieval Flanders and is still a textile center.


(Placename) the Flemish name for Courtrai


(Fr. kurˈtrɛ)

a city in W Belgium, on the Lys River: important medieval city. 43,364. Flemish, Kortrijk.
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This transaction strengthens our position in the paper and non woven segments and complements the acquisition of SGS Courtray in France in the hygiene market," said Frankie Ng, CEO of SGS.
Daniel Vigne, profesor de Patristica en la Facultad de Teologia del Institui Catholique de Toulouse, ha preparado esta publicacion que recoge las colaboraciones de 15 especialistas provenientes de distintas instituciones de ensenanza o investigacion, tanto eclesiasticas como civiles, principalmente de Francia: Agnes de Baynast, Daniel Vigne, Bernard Pouderon, Izabela Jurasz, Attila Jakab, Remi Gounelle, Vincent Desprez, Laurence Gosserez, Enrico Cattaneo, Marie-Ange Calvet, Anne-Claire Favry, Regis Courtray, Dominique Bertrand, Elie Ayroulet y Francoise Vinel.
In November 2013, Instruxion became a part of the Unified Marketing Group, an internet marketing investment group with offices in Antwerp, Aalter, Brussels and Courtray, that offers professional 'full service marketing' to small, medium and large companies through brands including AIM (online marketing), Drupangels (software) and Like a Virgin (marketing and communication).
Hygiene product testing, research & development and consultancy are just some of the services SGS Courtray will present at ANEX 2015.