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a piece of armour designed to protect the elbow


(ˈku tər)

plate armor for the elbow.
[1325–75; Middle English < Anglo-French, = Old French coute elbow (< Latin cubitum; see cubit) + Anglo-French -er -er2]
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Un baroud d'honneur et une querelle de chapelle qui peuvent couter au pays.
I welcome the new members; Ms Louise Bannister, Ms Mignonne Cullen, Ms Sharon Ding, Ms Alicia Flack-Kone, Mr Wayne Herbert, Mr Douglas Herd, Mr Justin Le Couter and Ms Fiona May.
De Clercq L, Coenegrachts K, Feryn T, Van Couter A, Vandevoorde R, Verstraete K, et al.
Carole Couter, chief executive of the Heritage Lottery Fund, Canon |Rob Morris, Kings Norton Team Rector and Mark Thompson, the former director general of the BBC
Carole Couter, chief executive of the Heritage Lottery Fund, said it had contributed about PS5 million to the campaign.
Cette derniere devrait couter a La Poste, 75 MDT alors que l'entreprise annoncait un deficit de 7 MDT.
Citant des sources americaines, la presse kenyane precise que la tournee africaine d'Obama pourrait couter au gouvernement americain entre 60 et 100 millions de dollars, au moment oE de nombreux organismes gouvernementaux sont aux prises avec des compressions budgetaires obligatoires qui ont pris effet en mars dernier, parce que les legislateurs americains n'ont pas reussi a trouver un accord sur le Budget general.
Mais il est a preciser que ces evenements auraient pu nous couter la vie de nos patients.
On 70 minutes, Ahed couter attacked with Maatouk playing a beautiful ball through for Al Ali who then put himself under pressure with a heavy first touch.
HOWARD HUMPHREY is retirig from ruig Covetry's most famous tackle shop, WH Lae's, after over 30 years behid the couter.
The disciplinary committee considered allegations of misconduct against Andrew Couter in that he failed to comply with the laws of the institute by failing to exercise professional competence and/or due care and/or act in accordance with his client's instructions by: (i) failing, prior to December 16, 2003, to liaise with his client's accountant in respect of matters concerning the Inland Revenue, despite having been specifically requested to do so; and (ii) failing to obtain all relevant information before calculating his client's income tax and national insurance contributions, which resulted in an incorrect payment to the Inland Revenue.
Mark Couter of GE Commercial based in Sydney, points out that "as businesses evolve from being minor businesses into small and medium businesses they adopt a 'wealth management attitude' and turn their attention to the acquisition of assets.