Covered way

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(Fort.) a corridor or banquette along the top of the counterscarp and covered by an embankment whose slope forms the glacis. It gives the garrison an open line of communication around the works, and a standing place beyond the ditch. See Illust. of Ravelin.

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Covered ways and yards, which here and there diverged from the main street, disclosed little knots of houses, where drunken men and women were positively wallowing in filth; and from several of the door-ways, great ill-looking fellows were cautiously emerging, bound, to all appearance, on no very well-disposed or harmless errands.
He led them on and on, through a maze of back kitchens, dairies, larders, and sculleries, that melted along covered ways into a farm-house, visibly older than the main building, which again rambled out among barns, byres, pig-pens, stalls and stables to the dead fields behind.
Partial conversion and extension to rear of shop for function room (162 sq.m.) in association with adjacent snooker club premises with covered ways to entrances and reconfiguration of car park.
Paris, May 15 (Petra)--His Majesty King Abdullah's meeting in Paris on Wednesday with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker covered ways to bolster political, economic and trade cooperation between Jordan and the European Union.
Discussions with the Shura Council members covered ways to enhance cooperation between the legislative and executive branches as well as national issues.
He said the agreement with the Korean side covered ways of sharing experience and exchange of knowledge and information.
Discussions covered ways to overcome traffic problems as well as the possible solutions to end traffic jams on the main roads of Greater Cairo.
It also covered ways to deal with new crimes (cybercrime, trafficking crime and control mechanisms), police behaviour with regards to public meetings, field visits, practical applications and sports training.
Both sets of meetings covered ways to boost bilateral relations.
Al-Ghunaim added the meeting covered ways of cooperation and identifying the most important projects and missions assigned to the Spanish Ministry of Public Works.
The meeting also covered ways to develop the agricultural sector in Egypt, an area where the AfDB President was impressed by president Sisi's vision for the project to improve one and half million acres of land which, while having an economic impact, would be aimed at creating an integrated urban environment providing new job opportunities.