Covering party

(Mil.) a detachment of troops sent for the protection of another detachment, as of men working in the trenches.

See also: Cover

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But this is a cooler spot than the picnic tables on the lawn near the Taste's food vendor row, and it's within earshot of the country band Summer Son covering party staples from the Memorial Park band shell.
Major Pritchard's ground tactical plan was to utilize two separate groups: a covering party consisting of three officers and fourteen other ranks (ORs), as well as three linguists; and a demolition party consisting of two officers and sixteen ORs.
According to the Observer: "The bridge was right out in no-man's land and he had to work ahead of the covering party.
The only legitimate criticism of Rik is that it wastes too many resources covering party leaders saying nothing new.
"He continued to throw bombs until his arm gave out, and then, joining the covering party, used his rifle with great effect."
Claire Baker's role speaking on Europe and culture issues has been expanded to democracy spokeswoman, also taking in the constitution, while Mary Fee has been chosen as reform spokeswoman, covering party and parliamentary reform.
Protected "by a large covering party comprising the greater part of the 5th South Staffords", the two other Staffordshire battalions set to.
The defences finished, call in the covering party, block up the entrance, fall in all on their posts, tell off into three reliefs of which one stays on the alert and provides sentries, at least one to each face; and the others should rest at once, sleeping at their posts, you yourself by a sentry.
There are strict rules covering party donations and ministerial involvement.
Specific professional responsibilities to be performed by the covering party and how a party can terminate the agreement.
Donning their aprons the youngsters brought aviation to life by creating colourful hot air balloons by covering party balloons in sticky paper and paint.