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Noun1.cow dung - a piece of dried bovine dung
droppings, dung, muck - fecal matter of animals
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There was a cow-dung in the path, and I must need try my activity by attempting to leap over it.
The men decided to live on their stored seed-corn until the rains had fallen, and then to take work as servants till they could catch up with the lost year; but as the grain-dealer was thinking of his well-filled crates of corn, and the prices he would levy at the sale of it, Hathi's sharp tusks were picking out the corner of his mud-house, and smashing open the big wicker chest, leeped with cow-dung, where the precious stuff lay.
The couple now has plans to make a home inside their farm with completely natural products like soil, cow-dung and stones.
Earth-worm are kept in cow-dung to produce vermicompost at a farm in Mithapuku, Bangladesh.
Under sterilized set of experiment cowurine was most effective in inhibiting colony diameter of R.solani followed by cow-ghee, combined product of cow-dung+ cow-urine (1:1), cow-curd, cow-dung, cow-dung+ cow-urine (2:1) and cow-milk.
While at the same time bricks made from cow-dung are eco-friendly and much cheaper hence reducing down the cost attached to make a home.
It focuses in particular on women who not only work for undocumented wages, but also engage in fetching water and firewood, sewing and tailoring, and preparation of cow-dung cakes.
The cow-dung and urine produce a very bad smell which makes us very uncomfortable," said Emirati, Mohammed Hassan, a resident of Digdag.