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1. A bell hung from a collar around a cow's neck.
2. A bell that is used as a percussion instrument by being struck with a stick.


1. (Agriculture) a bell hung around a cow's neck so that the cow can be easily located
2. (Instruments) a metal percussion instrument usually mounted on the bass drum or hand-held and struck with a drumstick
3. (Plants) US another name for bladder campion



a bell hung around a cow's neck to indicate its whereabouts.


A small bell hung around a cow’s neck to help find the cow when it was in a timbered pasture.
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Noun1.Cowbell - a bell hung around the neck of cow so that the cow can be easily locatedcowbell - a bell hung around the neck of cow so that the cow can be easily located
bell - a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck


[ˈkaʊbel] Ncencerro m


[ˈkaʊbɛl] ncloche f de vache
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Dan was full of a wild idea that we should all meet them at the gate, armed with cowbells and tin-pans, and "charivari" them up the lane.
It took me by surprise, for I had forgotten the COWBELL in the excitement of succeeding events, and I now saw myself on the edge of the pit I had digged.
Here his Honor took up the morning's COWBELL and ran his eye up and down a column I knew was mine.
However, one college football cheering tradition is sometimes viewed as unfair or unsafe, and whether it should continue to be permitted is often questioned: the ringing of cowbells by fans at Mississippi State University (hereafter, "the University") home football games.
A Symphony of Cowbells Heather Preusser, author Eileen Ryan Ewen, illustrator Sleeping Bear Press 315 East Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 200, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 www.
However, "La Endiablada" who were dressed up in colorful costumes with heavy copper cowbells tied around their waist diverted public's attention from the Virgin Mary to let her complete the procedure.
A pair of anklets for a goat sells for Rs 150 to Rs 300, whereas, cowbells start at Rs 150 and can go up to Rs 350.
Winners in Switzerland were awarded golden cowbells in keeping with the host nation's culture - and Trott won enough for an entire herd of cattle.
It's Shabbat in Sugar Land, and dozens of rabid Texans are clanging cowbells to the tune of "Bad Boys," the theme song from Cops, as three referees skate gracefully around the ice.
Michael and Chelsea left for the night to sounds of thunderous applause, very loud ringing of custom-made cowbells, and passionate Mississippi State chants and cheers by guests.
We couldn't run a whelk stall but not even a land of mountains, cowbells and cuckoo clocks can outdo the charms of our hedgerows, birdsong and Mayscented evenings" Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe WRITE Letters Editor Media Wales Ltd, Six Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR e-mail readers@walesonline.
The 2012 event had fantastic support, with crowds lining the climbs and picturesque roads - carrying flags and cowbells - to cheer the riders on.