a.1.Resembling a cow.
With cowlike udders and with oxlike eyes.
- Pope.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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My complexion is ruddy, my face round and cowlike" Actor Derek Jacobi.
My complexion is ruddy, my face round and cowlike" Actor Derek Jacobi "I was summoned recently for jury service.
Murdoch's charges have cowlike faces and fur so thick it's difficult to feel the massive body underneath.
Here was where the oohing and ahing really got loud, and yes, it was kind of dorky and cowlike and embarrassing to wow!
Not only men but women and animal protectionists exhibit a culturally conditioned indifference toward, and prejudice against, creatures whose lives appear too slavishly, too boringly, too stupidly female, too "cowlike".
Inside the cow, he is to direct the milling people mulling over the growls of their stomachs, thinking about the illuminated menus of the food court to "eat mor chikin." The sandwich board he is wearing is printed with that childlike hand, the cowlike hoof.
Players can be elves, orcs, tauren (cowlike creatures) or even the undead.
"It took an extreme dinosaur to open our eyes to this cowlike behavior," he says.
Though she's been told people view her as a slut--and her cowlike readiness for emotionless sex may persuade many viewers it's true--Barbe is thin-skinned.
143-158) that Ike's mute yearning for farmer Houston's cattle is "truer than the commercial greed that inspires his uncle Flem's marriage to cowlike Eula." In fact, too many of Faulkner's women, if we trust Diane Roberts ("Eula, Linda, and the Death of Nature," Faulkner and the Natural World, pp.
He had his head down in an aggrieved cowlike stance.