Cowlitz River

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Cow·litz River

A river rising in the Cascade Range of southwest Washington and flowing about 210 km (130 mi) west and south to the Columbia River.
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They loaded their wagon on a flatboat to the mouth of the Sandy River (near present day Portland), waited two days while their cattle came by trail, took a ferryboat across the Willamette River, a steamship to Rainier in the new State of Washington, a skiff to the mouth of the Cowlitz River and then hired a canoe to take them up the Cowlitz.
ABSTRACT--Formerly landlocked Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) juveniles (age 2) were monitored following release into the free-flowing Cowlitz River to determine if they remained in the river or resumed seaward migration.
Fire crews in Randle in Southwest Washington have been going door to door warning residents to watch the rising Cowlitz River and be prepared to evacuate if necessary, Fire Chief Jeff Jaques said.
The house, picked up from the US town of Packwood, Washington State, slid into the Cowlitz River before floating off.
In 1995, he supervised construction of what is believed to be the first ELJ project in the United States-and possibly the world-to provide emergency bank protection for private land along the Upper Cowlitz River near Packwood, WA.
On one trip to see what was "advertised" to be some beautiful five acre plots on the Cowlitz River (that turned out to be fraught with flooding issues) we discovered Big Bottom Valley, nestled quietly in the volcano triangle of Mt.
We have uncovered compelling evidence of his later 1841 emigration with the James Sinclair party to a homestead in the Cowlitz River valley in Washington state, and of his Washington descendants.
For example, the Cowlitz River in southwest Washington, which received 140 million tons of sediment after the 1980 Mt.