(ˈkɒk si)

Jacob Sechler, 1854–1951, U.S. political reformer: led unemployed marchers (Cox′ey's ar′my) to petition Congress 1894.
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On hand to help them mark the anniversary at one of their most modern branches was Michael Coxey, managing director of Coxey's chartered accountants which has offices in Wrexham and Saltney.
More than 40 volunteers, including Yamaha employees, their friends and family members, contributed over 200 hours to help restore and rehabilitate misused and neglected areas of Coxey Meadow, a busy family recreation area enjoyed by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts each year.
Coxey began leading an ''army'' of unemployed from Massillon, Ohio, to Washington, D.
The firm's senior partner Michael Coxey said: "We are delighted that we have been able to play our part in the Cable Services success story.
Michael Coxey was appointed to senior product group manager with regional responsibility for the Cognis alkyl poly glucosides product group.
The first march on Washington took place in the midst of an economic depression in 1894 when populist leader Joseph Coxey led an army of 500 jobless men to the Capitol steps to demand a public works program that would provide jobs for the unemployed.
Coxey, who hoped to meet with President Cleveland, was arrested for trespassing, and his proposals were ignored.
It has a definite taste of genuine Mexico,'' said Aaron Coxey of Bend, Ore.
On January 31, Coxey and Browne issued another letter, proposing to march an army of "tramps" over two hundred miles to Washington, D.
Clare Coxey, vice president of public affairs at GTE North in Westfield, says "if you participate in a personal way on boards of directors, it does in fact, put you in touch with the leadership of your community.
Mr Bostock said the firm's Chartered Accountants Coxeys, and in particular the principal, Michael Coxey, had played an important role in helping them to achieve their business goals.
He was Jacob Coxey, operator of a stone quarry in Massillon, Ohio.