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Noun1.crabeater seal - silvery grey Antarctic seal subsisting on crustaceans
seal - any of numerous marine mammals that come on shore to breed; chiefly of cold regions
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With humpback whales bubblenetting, crabeater seals and Gentoo penguins the trip started on a high note.
The enormous gaur can scarcely fit on his page and the text has to squeeze around his body, while the crabeater seals, which are extremely numerous, are crowded on to their page with no room to spare.
Up close, killer whales hunt the floes for sleeping crabeater seals, while cape petrels, those checkerboard flyers of the cold waters, surf the air curls streaming off the ship.
The data recovered from tagged Crabeater seals and Adelie penguins revealed their diving and feeding behavior, and researchers discovered some movements that they hadn't suspected.
Similarly, around the Antarctic Peninsula, Adelie penguins, which winter on increasingly scarce sea ice, are being displaced by chinstrap penguins, which prefer open water, just as elephant seals are pushing aside their cold-loving cousins, the crabeater seals.
In pinnipeds, the disease has been described in crabeater seals (Phoca carcinophagus) from the Antarctic (1), Baikal seals (P.