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crab·stick 1

A long, slender loaf of white surimi colored red on the outside to resemble a piece of crabmeat.

crab·stick 2

A stick or cudgel made of crabapple wood, especially when used as an instrument of punishment.
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1. a stick, cane, or cudgel made of crab-apple wood
2. informal a bad-tempered person
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1. a cane or club made of wood of the crab tree.
2. Older Use. an ill-tempered person.
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Crab salad that actually contains white and brown flesh from the crustacean -- not the awful crabsticks so popular in Chinese restaurants -- with numerous herbs, pickles, mustard seeds, celery, almonds and apple mousse.
Mix an assortment of greens, corn, udon, sotanghon, black fungus, enokitake, shitake, mushroom balls, lobster balls, fishballs, fish roe roll, chikuwa, crabsticks, and tofu in a hot satay broth brought to a boil right on your table.
I do like a packet of crabsticks. I like white cabbage, which sounds weird.
It has crispy, thinly shredded cabbage, crabsticks, strips of cucumber and carrots, mayo, roe and peach chunks (instead of the usual mango).
Most of the high-grade surimi is sold in Japan for the production of kamaboko and other high-quality surimi products and in Korea for the production of premium crabsticks. Low-grade surimi is sold in Europe and the United States for the manufacturing of crab sticks and in Korea and Japan for the preparation of other fried fish products [3].
Usually I wouldn't go anywhere near ocean-dwelling fare even if Captain Birdseye himself was my grandad, but the succulent crumbed crabsticks, breaded shrimps and fried calamari get a thumbs-up from me.
Filled with wonderful characters, Button, Lily, Captain Crabsticks, Old Uncle Noggin and Jones the ship's cat, every day is an exciting escapade when you're so small.
Prince Age: Three Owner: Annette Lives: Chester le Street Prince likes |chicken tikka, crabsticks and sweetcorn, as well as his own catfood.
Coverage includes products such as seafood paste, crabsticks, fish balls, and fish sausages; quality assessment; and control and waste management.
The fried sushi rice is layered with spicy tuna and salmon, crabsticks, topped with roe and shredded red bell pepper, then liberally sprinkled with Japanese red chili flakes, already an early warning that this is not for taste buds that like to tread lightly.
I then spot a member of staff setting up the seafood display, whose deep green seaweeds, ruby red lobsters and firm crabsticks against a backdrop of crushed white ice, would silence anyone previously unsure of the claim of how fresh the seafood actually is.
Naturally, Sofia Marmon has tasted the purified proteins extracted from herring, which after heat treatment have a consistency similar to crabsticks.