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or crack′ house`,

a place where cocaine in the form of crack is bought, sold, and smoked.
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There are many ways of dealing with anti-social behaviour; including issuing warnings, speaking to youngsters with their parents present where appropriate, crackhouse closures and even working with housing providers to evict persistently troublesome tenants etc.
Ed and Dara also failed to wow the crowds when they did a turn at a club called The Crackhouse.
It's a crackhouse," warned one officer, beating the truncheon against the open palm of his hand.
But such is the sanitised, calorie-counting culture we are now immersed in that news of neighbouring takeaways is delivered with a gravitas usually afforded to the discovery of a crackhouse close to primary schools.
Favreau joined his roommates and walked in the rain to the dilapidated three-story tenement on Southbridge Street, the home they affectionately referred to as "the crackhouse.
Zoe Watson, who lost her home under a crackhouse order, was one of three drug users caught up in the operation to rid Derwentside of dealers, Durham Crown Court was told.
First photo in Thrasher: I think it was Jesus Fernandez skating in front of a crackhouse in Compton
Police also managed to secure three crackhouse closure orders.
They wrote extensively about a case in which Melton was accused of leaking a false document to the media and were the first journalists to report that Melton led a nighttime, warrant-less raid on an alleged crackhouse in a poor black neighborhood.
The order ( a so-called crackhouse closure ( gives police the power to immediately go to the property, remove the occupant and board up the house.
Five women and four men found in the Litchfield Court crackhouse at 7.
Elsewhere a 66-year-old-woman in a neat council flat told how she had spent the past six months living in terror as her upstairs neighbour turned his home into a crackhouse full of noisy drug addicts.