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or Crac·ow  (krăk′ou, krä′kou, -ko͞of)
A city of southern Poland on the Vistula River south-southwest of Warsaw. Founded in the eighth century ad, it was the national capital from the 12th century to 1595.


(Placename) the Polish name for Cracow


or Cra•cow

(ˈkræk aʊ, ˈkrɑ kaʊ; Pol. ˈkrɑ kʊf)

a city in S Poland, on the Vistula: the capital of Poland 1320–1609. 748,000.
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Noun1.Krakow - an industrial city in southern Poland on the VistulaKrakow - an industrial city in southern Poland on the Vistula
Poland, Polska, Republic of Poland - a republic in central Europe; the invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939 started World War II
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