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A board or frame on which an infant is secured, as by binding or wrapping in a blanket, used by certain Native American peoples as a portable cradle and for carrying an infant on the back.
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The cradle board adds a humidity and temperature sensor, a micro-SD card socket, and a lithium-polymer battery (LiPo) charger, demonstrating how a complete prototype customized with extra functionality can be designed around the SensorTile core system.
The University of Saskatchewan signed a memorandum of understanding with Buffy Sainte-Marie, the founder of the Cradle Board Teaching Project, to support Aboriginal education in Saskatchewan.
In one image, a seated Indigenous woman is holding a child in a cradle board.
a baby in a cradle board, make moose-skin moccasins and deer-toe legging ties, and weave a basket.
420 Plateau Beaded Hide Cradle Board from the Historic Glen Isle Resort, Bailey, Colorado; length 28 in.
Only partially visible is a Plateau cradle board that is hanging from the horn of the native saddle.
This "running out of beads" can be found in old pieces like the Kiowa cradle board in the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana where there are three shades of the turquoise blue background.
David Tower of Edinburg, Virginia presents his craftwork of a Cheyenne cradle board in this issue's Crafter's Corner.
It is very similar to a Cheyenne cradle board that sold at auction several years ago.
While the two tribes have aligned their construction preferences for this hooded type of soft cradle over the years, the more traditional tribal cradles, the Cheyenne cradle board, a fully beaded hide sack mounted on a lattice board frame, and the traditional Arapahoe cradle [5], constructed as a simple hide sack with quill work adornment with little or no beadwork, and no supporting board framework, have remained fundamentally different.
When I was asked for permission to reprint this article, I thought it might be pertinent to include some of the cultural aspects connected with the use of Osage cradle boards.
Cradle Me" shows 11 Native American babies in their distinctive cradle boards.