n.1.One skilled in his craft or trade; one of superior cunning.
In cunning persuasion his craftsmaster.
- Holland.
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Ellis' fiddle draws heavily upon traditional influences, and her music swells with the passion of a craftsmaster.
Nevertheless, although Plutarch insists that it is therefore crucial to distinguish a false flatterer from a true friend, he is also the first to admit that doing so is no easy task: "a right hard matter it is to know the one from the other; especially if we speak of a right flatterer indeed, who is his own craftsmaster, and can skill how to handle the matter artificially, and with great cunning and dexterity" (41).
Indeed, the world of the artisan evolved around the male life cycle, with its demands of several years of apprenticeship under a male craftsmaster, and several years of travel for the journeyman.