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n. pl. bros Slang
1. A brother.
2. Friend; pal. Used as a form of familiar address for a man or boy: So long, bro.

[African American Vernacular English.]


or Bros.,



pl (Comm) abbr of BrothersGebr.
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Alongside twin Matt and Scots bandmate Craig Logan, Bros enjoyed 11 top 40 singles and sold millions of albums and singles, selling out Wembley Stadium.
After her first album failed to set the pop world alight, Glee star Lea Michele has enlisted super manager Craig Logan to mastermind her career.
AKLE t of wee lon ht fo ne, 3 ng w til T GHBY he s me , sh Phil d fi or A who BRO GOOD news for ASTON MERRYGOLD, who has signed up to former BROS star turned GOOD news fo MERRY R G Y OLD, w up to former B manager CRAIG LOGAN, 44.
Counsel for Scott McQuillan, 24, told two judges that victim Craig Logan had raised tensions in the game by committing a bad tackle.
LHT tenant Craig Logan, 20, had spent a year on the dole before landing his dream job in a Liverpool restaurant prompted by LHT's Clear Aims project, which helps unemployed tenants to identify their natural strengths and talents and what jobs may suit them best.
Luke Goss and his twin brother Matt became heartthrobs to countless little girls when they formed Bros with Craig Logan in 1986.
Luke, twin brother Matt and schoolfriend Craig Logan formed UK hit pop group Bros in 1987.
The new head of her record label RCA, ex-Bros bassist Craig Logan, even travelled from London to explain why he'd made Sandi his first signing, claiming she had the potential to be a huge star.
According to pop legend Bros was born when identical twins Matt and Luke bumped into Craig Logan one lunchtime at their Surrey school.
It isn't quite the mass hysteria he created among adoring fans as heartthrob drummer in Bros, the band he formed with his twin brother Matt and schoolmate Craig Logan back in the 80s.
Dannii, who has had romantic dealings with hunky motor racer Jacques Villeneuve and ex-Bros star Craig Logan, is launching a career as a DJ with a six-week show on the Capital FM network called Neon Nights - the same name as her new album.