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n.1.A creel or osier basket.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Union stalwart took Kirkhill Golf Club's Lewis Irvine all the way at Crail GC before falling on the 20th hole.
George Burns was crowned Scottish men's amateur champion on his home course at Crail Golfing Society.
George Burns stayed cool in a Crail play-off to become the first player in 31 years to win the Scottish Amateur on their home course.
Yesterday was a day to remember for George Burns, as he was crowned Scottish Men's Amateur Champion on his home course at Crail Golfing Society.
The 22-year-old sealed his semi-final spot at Crail with a 1-up win over Marcus Rickard of Cupar.
Villages like Crail, Anstruther and Pittenweem, with views out across the Firth of Forth, independent shops and even a fish market.
TYNESIDE'S James Wilson became the first English winner of the 72-hole Battle Trophy Open at Crail Golfing Society's Craighead links.
The delegation was headed by FHF Programme Director John Crail and CBM Chief Executive Massimo Maggio.
The delegation was jointly headed by Program Director (FHF) John Crail and Chief Executive CBM Mr.
Rayad Abaza risks angry construction workers to sneak in a sick crail. New York.
Al-Fasher, 30 Juin 2014 (SUNA)- L'organisation volontaire ' Practical Action' travaillant au Nord Darfour a declare le lancement du projet de la distribution du gaz d'un cout de plus d'un million de livre Sterling (Au 1,000,000) avec un financement de deux compagnies britanniques a savoir " Carbon Crail " et " Ocid ", le projet vise a la distribution d'environ 15ooo mille tubes de gaz pour les familles dans et d'hors la ville Al-Fasher durant cinq annees .
The pair, from Liverpool, got into trouble when their boat, understood to be a re-furbished lifeboat, ran aground on the rocks off Crail in Fife.