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n.1.A creel or osier basket.
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Rayad Abaza risks angry construction workers to sneak in a sick crail.
RYTON schoolboy Ewan Tindall travelled to Crail on the east coast of Scotland for round two of the Brick and Steel Ecosse Junior 1,000 Rally Championship.
Al-Fasher, 30 Juin 2014 (SUNA)- L'organisation volontaire ' Practical Action' travaillant au Nord Darfour a declare le lancement du projet de la distribution du gaz d'un cout de plus d'un million de livre Sterling (Au 1,000,000) avec un financement de deux compagnies britanniques a savoir " Carbon Crail " et " Ocid ", le projet vise a la distribution d'environ 15ooo mille tubes de gaz pour les familles dans et d'hors la ville Al-Fasher durant cinq annees .
The pair, from Liverpool, got into trouble when their boat, understood to be a re-furbished lifeboat, ran aground on the rocks off Crail in Fife.
A six-night golfing package includes green fees at five legendary courses in the area - Carnoustie (home of the 2007 Open), Kinsbarns (home of the Dunhill Cup), Crail (the seventh oldest course in the world), Gleneagles (venue for the 2014 Ryder Cup) and St Andrews (entry into the ballot for the Old Course) - plus chauffeured transport to and from the courses.
But the singer, from Crail, has the support of Catriona, 29, who last month revealed her secret alter ego - as a rock chick.
Frank Crail, a former CIA systems analyst and tech company founder, wanted a simpler life.
Carman, a teacher of economics and business studies, and his fellow countrymen now look to get their sums right again at the Home Internationals in Crail, Scotland next week when they attempt to keep a grip on another coveted piece of silverware although they'll need to be at their best as in the opening match on Tuesday they face Ireland, who are certain to be scenting revenge.
Green fees per from pounds 45; Forfar (pounds 34; Monifieth (pounds 20; Kingsbarns pounds 165; Crail (crailgolfingsociety.
But Peter Crail, a non-proliferation analyst from the Arms Control Association, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that it was likely much of the Israeli nuclear programme would come under inspection.
Robert Cleland of Crail, a founding member, is believed to have been related to the author.
Mark Crail, of IRS, said: "People now take for granted their ability to access services at all hours of the day and night, but without shift workers this would not be possible.