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 (krə-yō′və, krä-yô′vä)
A city of southwest Romania west of Bucharest. Built on the site of a Roman settlement, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1790 and burned by the Turks in 1802.


(Romanian kraˈjova)
(Placename) a city in SW Romania, on the Jiul River. Pop: 285 000 (2005 est)


(krɑˈyɔ vɑ)

a city in SW Romania. 300,000.
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Tenders are invited for Sludge Dewatering Cationic Polyelectrolyte to Result in Waste at the Waste Craiova
It acquired Romanian carmaker, Automobile Craiova, in 2008 and started producing its B-Max model there two years ago, but low demand has led to regular production stoppages each month for more than a year.
East and West under Scrutiny gathered in Craiova, where the authorities of the University of Craiova and Faculty of Law and Social Sciences and the three co-coordinators of the conference Associate Professor Anca Parmena Olimid, Ph.
Romania's Ministry of Economy decided to launch the privatisation procedures at IAR Ghimbav (based in Brasov, central Romania), Avioane Craiova (based in Craiova, southern Romania) and Romaero (based in Bucharest) (all three aircraft factories), with the involvement of other institutions following to be needed in the process too, Minister of Economy, Varujan Vosganian, said on Wednesday, Agerpres reports.
THE EUROPEAN Investment Bank (EIB) has now approved a Euro 400 million loan to Ford Romania to help it expand and modernise its Craiova assembly plant, tooling it for building a small car model.
The ex-Chelsea star began a two-game touchline ban at the weekend as his side beat Craiova 3-2 in injury time.
STUNNED Inverness star Ian Black last night admitted he had NEVER seen a side cheat as much as Romanian con-artists Universitat Craiova.
Easter, who sent Charlton crashing in Tuesday's quarter-final, has been targeted by First Division club Universitatea Craiova.
Now he has decided he has seen enough, saying: 'It has got so bad that I have now handed everything to do with Universitatea Craiova, including the players, to the local council for nothing
Ladbrokes: 8-1 Fremen, 9-1 Alkaadhem, 10-1 Desert Opal, 9-1 (from 12) Pablo, 12-1 (from 25) Our Teddy, 14-1 El Coto, 16-1 Babodana, Chivalry, Norton, 20-1 Arcalis, Arry Dash, Cardinal Venture, Craiova, Dark Charm, Everest, Thihn, Unshakable, Blue Sky Thinking, Blue Spinnaker Convent Girl, Danelor, 25-1 Dumaran, Flighty Fellow, Flowerdrum, Go Tech, Hail The Chief, J R Stevenson, Pentecost, Sahaat, Tough Love, True Night, 33-1 bar.
Tote Trifecta Stakes betting --William Hill: 7-1 South Atlantic, 8-1 Quito, Royal Millennium, 10-1 Desert Opal, Fremen, Lafi, Little Good Bay, 12-1 One More Round, 16-1 Hurricane Floyd, Tychy, 20-1 Attach , Camberley, Camp Commander, Craiova, Golden Chalice, Digital, Mine, Native Title, 25-1 bar.
Tenders are invited for Repair Station Platforms Cf Craiova - Lines 1, 4, 1-26, 27-28 and Repair Rosiori Nord Railway Station Platforms, Lines 1-2, 2-3